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The generation of the elderly often laments the youth that she does not read books. In general, the current generation of young people is not so, as they were in their youth. What computer games have absorbed everything. What nation are threatened with extinction, and to blame the behavior of young people. But this is not true. Ever since the days of Socrates youth does not behave as it should. Generation succeeds generation and the issue of fathers and children, the problem is the same. And it is not true that young people do not read books. Just go to subway car, you will see that every second reading. Yes, it is not customary to our grandmothers paper book. This is its electronic counterpart, which, incidentally, is very convenient. You can always have a whole library in your pocket and read anywhere, anytime. Our library is created for just such people. For people who love to read books, know the value of literature, but also keep up with the progress. We have collected more than a million books in electronic format convenient for you. And let our parents' generation speaks whatever he wants. After all, we know you, that our nation is not threatened. With our competence and we are in good order. Because reading a book - it is a great pleasure that can not be replaced by anything.

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